I Made Bread! (62/365)

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Italian Bread


It snowed again today. While normally I would delight in beautiful calm that comes with a snowfall, at this point in the year, I’m done. I’m finished with frigid temperatures and gray slush and am ready for warm, sunny days.

Because of the snow, Andrew and I were home together today. I actually had a rather productive day working from home, but by being home, I also had the luxury of time. Time enough to make bread. Unlike my last loaf which turned out to resemble something like a round shaped brick, this bread is actually decent. Nothing to be shouting from the rooftops about, but it was warm and satisfying to eat.

I used this recipe because it didn’t sound overly complicated and I had all the ingredients readily available. One thing that I thought made my bread a little (a lot) lackluster last time I tried this, was the fact that I did not give the dough a nice warm place to rise. I have to admit, with the oven not on, our kitchen is a little drafty. So this time, I found the perfect spot to let the dough get cozy:

Rising Dough

There’s actually a vent right behind our bed where I sleep which blows warm air on me all night. So I nestled the bowl in the pillows, wrapped it in some blankets and left it for a few hours. It worked great!

Now Andrew has a giant loaf of bread to eat for the next few days. I’m off on a quick adventure across the country. Hopefully I’ll have some good pictures coming your way!

Italian Bread

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