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I did it! I made my first wedding cake! I thought I was being all smart by getting an early start baking the cakes. The cakes were all baked by Wednesday. The cakes would have been baked earlier, but I had a terrible issue with cake overflowing, cake burning, me standing in front of the oven scraping up flaming cake from the bottom of the oven, and then just a big cake fail. In a word, it was a mess. But luckily I had all of that butter on hand, so new cakes were made, no overflowing, no burning, no … Read More

New England Apple Picking

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I’ve decided I’m going to work my way back in time here to tell you all about September. It was a crazy month, with a final week that’s going to cap it all off. I’ll try to do some good real time documentation of this week, but there’s a significant chance I’m going to end up losing my mind and Andrew is going to wind up finding me in a heap in the corner covered in icing. That’s right, this week is wedding cake week. But first, let me tell you what I did a couple of weekends ago. I … Read More

The (very brief) Circle of Life

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Andrew is in the process of killing my orchid. I leave him for one weekend and the blossoms are falling off and the leaves are drooping. It was thriving under my care, I tell you, THRIVING. And now…it looks like it’s headed to the great orchid beyond with the others. I’m sad.

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