Happy Purim!

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Last weekend, in preparation for Purim, Malice (derby name, not real name), Mr. Malice (derby name, not real name), and Ella (derby name and real name) came over to make hamantaschen. After having a nice lunch, we pulled out the rolling pins, found our cookie cutters, and got down to business. Everyone has her favorite flavor. Mine is the traditional poppyseed, some like raspberry jam, strawberry jelly, or even nutella. Sometimes I go on a limb and add chocolate chips to my hamantaschen. I’m a mavrick, I know. It was Malice’s first time making hamantaschen and I think she mastered … Read More

SND – Fajitas (again)

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Finally! After over a month since our last Sunday Night Dinner, Jen, Evan, and Owen came over for lunch today. Seriously, it’s been a while. Late Saturday night we realized we hadn’t actually planned anything, so Andrew got up early this morning, went to the store, and came back with ingredients for fajitas! A few minutes after Jen, Evan, and Owen walked in the front door, Andrew walked in the back door with an enormous platter of meat. Like, so much chicken and beef. Apparently it was on sale. And it was delicious. The chicken was marinated in an adobo … Read More

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