SND – Tamales

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Andrew loves tamales. I’d never really eaten them until he bought some at a local store on the way up to Lake Tahoe one summer. Ever since then, whenever we talk about tamales, he always tells me how much he loves them but how hard they are to make. So after hearing this again and again, I finally thought, “Challenge accepted!”. After doing some research, I finally settled on the recipe from Serious Eats for green chili and pork tamales. It looked to be a little time consuming, but I figured I could break it up over two days and … Read More

SND – Sheet Pan Chicken Tikka

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It’s been a while since the six (!) of us got together for a Sunday Night Dinner. Andrew, Lulu, and I went down to Jen, Evan, and Owen’s tonight for an early dinner and we walked into dinner on the table and a chatty Owen, enthusiastically greeting us. Jen made Smitten Kitchen’s sheet pan chicken tikka and it was really good. The chicken was spicy and flavorful and I was a big fan of the cauliflower and potatoes. It was topped with some lightly picked onions, parsley, and greek yogurt which helped balance the spiciness of the chicken. According to … Read More

Happy New Year!

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Wishing everyone a great 2017!

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