How to Make a Crab Cake…But Not a Crab Cake

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If you’re looking for that savory, Maryland crab cake, you’re in the wrong place. It’s confusing, I know. But I honestly can’t think of another good way to describe this cake. It’s a cake. That looks like a crab. It’s a crab cake. Oh, I guess I could say, “cake that looks like a crab”, but really, that’s just too many words. Ok…onto the cake making. People usually wonder how I make my shaped cakes. Do I have special pans? Do I use templates? Do I make a 3D computer model of it before I make the cake? Well, the … Read More

Running for Cookies

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(Melissa and I after the Baltimore Half-Marathon. We look happy, but our legs are about to collapse out from underneath us. Also, I don’t have a picture of me running because I generally look like I’m one step from death.) I’m running. I mean, I run in general, but I generally need a reason to run. So I’m running the Baltimore 10-Miler on June 20th. It’s, you guessed it! 10 miles. In Baltimore.  We’re sharp as tacks over here. But, I’m also running for a cause.  It’s called Back on My Feet. It’s this pretty cool organization which uses running … Read More

Crab Cake

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Spring is here. It sort of snuck up on us. It went straight from winter to summer here in Maryland, until recently when Mother Nature oriented herself correctly and now we have spring. Which means rain. Isn’t it April showers? Well, it’s been raining for the entirety of May. And I’m tired of it. But besides rain, spring brings with it something better, much better. Baseball! Now, I know there are those of you out there who will disagree with me. Who think nine innings of baseball is eight innings too many. Well, you just have to give it a … Read More

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