Super Mario Brothers Cake

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I’m an engineer. I think that means I’m supposed to like video games. Sad to say though I never played them much. My mom would never let me have video game consoles when I was a kid, so the only time I got to play them was when I went to my friend’s house. My friend and Andrea and I used to play Duck Hunt sitting with that plastic orange gun pressed up against the screen trying to shoot those crazy ducks. Put me two feet from the screen though? I didn’t have a shot (har har).

Checkerboard Cookies

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My roommates got married last weekend. Yes roommateS. To each other. Although it would be quite the coincidence of they were getting married to different people. I didn’t always live with an engaged (and now married) couple though. When I first moved to my current place it was just me and one-half of the couple. I specifically remember when we moved in making a joke about her not getting engaged anytime soon so I wouldn’t have to move. Apparently the joke was on me, because 5 months later she had a ring on her finger. But…I didn’t have to move. … Read More

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