52 Weeks – Week 12

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Miles and Arden were in town for a few days before their next big adventure. We wanted to take advantage of the time they were here so we made the most of our weekend. Friday night we went to Matchbox in the city for some pizza goodness. This was followed by a super-late reservation at the speakeasy, Harold Black. Not too many of us are used to 11:45 PM reservations anymore. It was fun though.


Saturday was a relaxing day around the house. We had a bunch of people over for game day. The boys played obscure boardgames. The girls played slightly less obscure boardgames.


We had a bbq for lunch. I made potato salad, Arden made a kale salad, and Andrew grilled chicken, sausage, and asparagus.


We got to try out the new table I built! It hasn’t collapsed yet!


For dessert I made these rice crispy pinwheel things I saw on the internet. They were okay.

Week 12

They had chicken and waffles for lunch at work! Best lunch ever!

Week 12

That night we went out for Korean BBQ. Best dinner ever!

Week 12

I had so much fun hanging out with Miles and Arden over the weekend.


My mom wanted a cardholder so I made her one for her birthday. I’m getting better at working with leather.

Week 12

I also got to meet up with Mel and Steph I for our almost-monthly dinners. We always have so much to catch up on that dinner flies by.

Week 12

I really wanted brownies this week, so Andrew made me some. He put in too many eggs though so it’s more like a puffy cake-brownie. Still tasty though.

Simmie52 Weeks – Week 12

Sunday Night Dinner – Thai Chicken Wraps

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Thai Chicken Wraps

We’re really into wrapping our Sunday Night Dinners in tortillas around here. After last week’s fajitas, Jen and Evan followed up this week with Thai Chicken Wraps.

I don’t actually have recipe this week, but the chicken was marinated in something delicious and grilled to perfection. A chunky peanut sauce added some nice texture and flavor contrast to the vegetable slaw that topped the chicken. Jen made a spicy papaya salad to go along with the wraps that was refreshing and delicious.

This week’s Sunday Night Dinner was special because Miles and Arden joined us. There here in DC for the last leg of their US tour before heading abroad for the next chapter of their lives. They’ve been staying with us for the past few days and it’s been simply delightful. They’re staying with Jen and Evan for a few days before they leave the country, so it’s not goodbye yet, but I’m glad they got to participate in a Sunday Night Dinner before they leave.


SimmieSunday Night Dinner – Thai Chicken Wraps

52 Weeks – Week 11

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After nearly four months away, I returned to the climbing gym. It was a little tough and I’m a little sore, but it sure was glad to be moving again.



I spent Saturday with the Abels. We went out to breakfast, hung out at the mall, went to a basketball game, and chilled out for a while. It was a full and totally fun day. The Abels are the best.




Daylight savings means it’s still light out when I leave work. Sometimes I catch some pretty sweet sunsets.



My project is coming along. I’m making serious progress now. It’s going to be nice to have porch back too.



Our washing machine kicked the bucket. After over two weeks without one, it was surprisingly exciting to get the new one delivered. We only had about eight loads of laundry to do at that point. Oh the joys of adulthood.

Simmie52 Weeks – Week 11