52 Weeks – Week 44

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My leaguemates and I dressed up for Halloween. Andrew and I ended up on a wild goose chase looking for pumpkins. Apparently waiting until October 31st to find your pumpkins is not a good idea. My try at the crumbed-topped apple pie. It didn’t come out as good as my regular apple pie, but it was nice to try something differnt. Enchilada stuffed zucchini. I’m real into stuffing vegetables lately. The sky when I leave work. Space themed cupcakes! Butternut squash lasagna. We’re real into our squash lately. Found a good way to prevent injuries!

52 Weeks – Week 43

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This was my first day back to work after having the flu. It was a comical series of events that resulted in it taking me an hour and ten minutes longer to get to work than usual. Shoulda stayed home. I successfully made apple cider caramels without burning our house down. Apple cupcakes with maple buttercream icing and an apple cider caramel garnish. Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and a dark chocolate garnish. Ella took me for ramen after practice one night. This stuff was SO good. I want some more!

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