Too Many Dishes (303/365)

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Too Much Food


Korean food is awesome. It also comes in a bajillion dishes. This isn’t even a proper Korean dinner, but I’m lazy and didn’t feel like making the 5 additional sides we could have had with this meal. Also, we ate so many vegetables yesterday we had to make up for it by eating only meat and rice today.

To be fair, there’s cucumber in that kimchi and scallions in those pancakes so we didn’t completely neglect the vegetables.

Also, we have lots of leftovers. Anyone want some?

SimmieToo Many Dishes (303/365)

Green Dinner (302/365)

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Green Dinner


In an effort to clean out our fridge, tonight we had a hodge-podge dinner. We had some leftover kale and beets from the farmer’s market this weekend and I picked up some avocados and squash on my way home from work.

Apparently avocado on toast is a thing. Just like toast is now a thing? Is toast the new cupcakes? If so, that’s kind of annoying.

My avocado toast was Perfect Toast (the Tuscan Pane bread from Trader Joe’s), drizzled with a little olive oil, topped with a healthy heap of mashed avocado, and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Yum.

Green Dinner

The kale I got at the farmer’s market last weekend is called Dinosaur Kale. Most of the reason I bought it, is because it’s called Dinosaur Kale. It’s less curly than regular kale and it definitely made better kale chips than the stuff from a bag that I usually use.

Green Dinner

The squash is squash that I overcooked. Sad.

SimmieGreen Dinner (302/365)

Pink Cake (301/365)

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Pink Cake


This a little bit reminds of that pink sludge that was all over the internet a while ago that was said to be what it is McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Either that or it’s some weird Halloween brain mush or something.

Wow, that was such a good lead-in. This is actually a giant bowl full of strawberry cake batter. I went back and forth between it looking awesome and looking gross, but I think the shear quantity of batter tips it to the gross side. But seriously, it smells SO good. The darker red is strawberry puree and it’s such a nice strawberry scent to the batter. As it was baking, the house filled with a slightly sweet scent and now that it’s baked, the cake is a delightful shade of pink.

SimmiePink Cake (301/365)