Fry Day Continued (205/365)

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Fry Day - Take 2


Not wanting to waste the large quantity of oil required to run the deep fryer, Andrew decided we should continue our Fry Day extravaganza for another day.

I knew this when I went to the store the other day, so we had a whole arsenal of new fried foods to try tonight.


I decided to make spring rolls. I bought the wrappers even though they are super easy to make (it’s literally just flour and water mixed together to make a dough) and I used stir fry mix for the filling. I sautéed the vegetables in a little bit of sesame oil before chopping them up finely and mixing them with a little bit of garlic powder and oyster sauce.

A quick dip in the oil and they got deliciously crispy on the outside while the filling stayed piping hot. Dipped in a little bit of sweet chili sauce and if we didn’t have so much other food, I could have eaten four of them. Instead we froze the extras for future Fry Days.

Fry Day - Take 2

Andrew made coconut shrimp from scratch. He dredged the shrimp in a little bit of egg, flour, and then breadcrumbs and shredded coconut. They were a little light on the coconut (we couldn’t quite figure out how to get more of it to stick), but they were still good. I generally don’t like coconut, but for some reason, when it’s toasted on shrimp, I’m good to go.

Fry Day - Take 2

For dessert I decided I wanted to try to make deep friend ice cream. I wanted to do it yesterday, but apparently it takes like 5 hours to prepare. First you have to scoop out balls of ice cream and let them harden in the freezer. Then you dip them in an egg and sugar mixture before rolling them in a coconut and corn flake crust. That then goes back into the freezer to harden before dropping them in hot oil for about thirty seconds.

The crust is crispy and sweet and you have to basically hoover the ice cream before it melts, but it was a tasty treat. I’m not sure it’s generally worth the effort, but it was fun to try.

Fry Day - Take 2

I would consider Fry Day #2 to be a success, but I’m also good with not eating any fried food for a little while.

SimmieFry Day Continued (205/365)

Fry Day! (204/365)

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Mike and Erin came over for our latest version of Fry Day. And, oh did we fry some stuff. Andrew manned the fryer while I stood as far away as possible so as to not burn myself which seemed inevitable. We started off with fries. The first batch was rosemary and garlic. The second we gave to Mike, salted with ghost pepper salt which he seemed to take pretty well. The last batch was doused in Old Bay.

Fry Day

We then moved onto chicken wings. Mike and Erin brought over Korean and Thai style marinated chicken wings. Right before frying, Erin battered them until their hot oil bath. Those wings were da bomb. So delicious. We ate them with a different variety of Asian sauces and they were small enough that we could sample lots and lots of them.

Fry Day


We rounded out the meal with some deep-fried Mars bars, because…yeah. I happened to stumble upon the Mars Bars in the international section of the store, which was the only positive outcome from my trip to the grocery store. Erin made a batter for the Mars Bars out of flour, cinnamon, corn starch, and seltzer which we dipped in before putting into the fryer for about 30 seconds. They ended up sticking to the bottom of the fry basket a bit which was kind of a bummer but they were still melty and delicious.

I’ve been eating salads for lunch the past few days and I think I’m going to need another one tomorrow. Fry Day is good, but only in moderation. I think I’m good for a while.

SimmieFry Day! (204/365)

I Made A Chair! (203/365)

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I Made A Chair!


Remember that project I started a while ago? You don’t? That’s ok, I start a lot of them. Well, I finished! Sort of. I made a chair! I was hoping to finish before August, so count this as a success. I mean, I have another one to make, and this one isn’t quite finished, but you can sit in it and it doesn’t collapse underneath you, so I think that’s a good sign.

I haven’t actually built anything like this since eight grade woodshop. This time around I had significantly fewer tools and was sort of winging it. I found a primitive design online and based the design for my chair off of that. I made a 3D model of the chair and then created full-sized templates of each piece. Then, after many trips to the hardware store and a few redesigns (an 8″x1″ piece of wood is actually 7.5″x.75″ FYI), I cut each piece out using a jigsaw. I sanded each piece and then assembled it with a power drill. That’s it. It’s sturdy, both Andrew and I tested it out and after a little more sanding and staining, it’ll be ready for our front porch!

SimmieI Made A Chair! (203/365)