Play Ball! (232/365)

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It’s too bad my team is so bad this year. 

At work, I’m part of a trio of baseball fans: one Red Sox, one Yankees (boo!), one Orioles (meh). We have broom that gets passed around each of our teams sweeps someone else’s. The broom has been pretty quiet for a good long while. The Orioles swept the Yankees in a rain-shortened series (the definition of a “sweep” has been up for debate for some time now), but since our Yankees fan had been holding onto the broom for the better part of the year, the technicality of what a sweep is, is currently a moot point. Really, what’s important is the fact that the Yankees fan still has the broom.


SimmiePlay Ball! (232/365)

Derby Wives are Da Bomb (231/365)

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BB is da Bomb


This is BB. Well, B.B. Aggressive to be precise. She’s awesome. Not only did she save me yesterday at the grocery store, but today she met up with me to go over some derby stuff I missed while I was on vacation.

BB is my derby wife. We got hitched in the spur of the moment during an afternoon of flyering and the rest is history. We’re on the same home team and it’s been awesome to have her by my side as we try to figure this whole thing out. She even writes a rockin’ blog about it

BB’s the best.

SimmieDerby Wives are Da Bomb (231/365)

The Worst (230/365)

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Cash Money


Taking a redeye that includes a layover is the worst. Don’t do it.

Andrew and I got back to Maryland today and basically did all we could to not be complete wastes of life. Mostly we failed.

I was basically a disaster today. We had no food after our week away so I had to make a quick stop at the grocery store. It wasn’t until I got there that I realized I didn’t have my wallet. Bebe saved me though because she had stashed twenty bucks in my glove compartment. Shopping on a budget, I was able to get enough for us to have dinner.

Tomorrow it’s back to the real world.

SimmieThe Worst (230/365)