Yay! (265/365)

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Somehow in the midst of well, everything, my sunglasses ended up driving back up to NJ with Melissa a few weeks ago. I was glad to hear she had them and I hadn’t mysteriously lost them in the journey from Jen’s house to my car to my house, and even more glad when she said she would mail them back to me.

Well, they arrived today and included in the package were a couple of pictures from Melissa’s wedding! It was a double-present!

SimmieYay! (265/365)

Sunday Night Dinner – Happy Birthday Jen! (264/365)

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Happy Birthday Jen!


Jen’s birthday is tomorrow so we had to sing and celebrate tonight. And by celebrate I mean I put out birthday-themed napkins and we stuck a candle in her apple crisp. This, however is a step up from the recent birthdays we’ve had around here where we’ve been using a match because we don’t have any candles. We really pull out all the stops for our friends.

Stuffed Burger

Andrew made all of tonight’s Sunday Night Dinner (let’s be real, he makes most of them). The main course was stuffed burgers, which were stuff with roasted garlic and parmesan cheese and topped with a bit more cheese. They were delicious despite the fact that he managed to grill the side of his hand and now has a grill-shaped burn mark. (He’s ok though.) We also had caesar salad (which is apparently our favorite kind of salad) and roasted broccoli and brussel sprouts for dinner. It was a delicious dinner and as always, a fun way to cap off the weekend. Also, tomorrow Jen turns 30! She’s such a youngin’.

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Apple Crisp (263/365)

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Apple Crisp


Today was a busy day that had us driving around MD and DC, but doing lots of fun things. The day started with oneg duty at temple. It was an Asian themed oneg, and as one of two adult Asians in the community, I felt it was my duty to represent. I made a whole pile of scallion pancakes that seemed to over pretty well.

Afterwards, we immediately headed into the city to celebrate with Jen for her upcoming birthday. She had little picnic gathering in the park where we got to each some awesome food and just hang out. It was low key, but I got to see a few people I hadn’t seen in a while, plus we randomly ran into Betsy as she was driving through the city. Small world.

We headed home by mid-afternoon because Andrew had hockey tryouts. I had grand plans to do all this stuff at home but instead fell asleep on the couch. I woke up with a hankering for some apple crisp, so I made some. Apple crisp might be one of my favorite dishes. It’s so warm and satisfying. I use the recipe from the Disney Family Cookbook and it has never let me down.

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