Shopping Bag Cake

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A few weeks ago I got asked to make a shopping bag cake for a recent grad who was moving to New York to go work for Michael Kors. I must admit, when I was asked to make a Michael Kors, Bergdorf Goodman, and Yves Saint Laurant shopping bag cake, I felt a little over my head. Mostly because I never actually been to any of those stores (nor was I confident I even knew what the bags looked like). Each of the bags is made from a different flavor of cake and covered in fondant. The Bergdorf Goodman and … Read More

SND – Ribs

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Our Sunday Night Dinners have been a little more sporadic this summer as weekend trips, summer events, and life in general has made it a little more difficult to keep up with our regular schedule, so it was nice to finally manage a weekend to get together. This dinner was actually a couple of weeks ago. Andrew and I spent the day out and about meeting up with friends for breakfast before heading to Cirque du Soleil for the afternoon show. It was approximately a bajillion degrees out, but thankfully the tent was air conditioned. We’ve seen a number of … Read More

SND – Zucchini Pasta

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Last week’s SND stands for Saturday Night Dinner instead of Sunday Night Dinner. We switched it up, because Melissa and Elise came down for a mini-Cornell reunion in DC! A few weekends ago was our ten-year college reunion, but instead of all of us trekking up to Ithaca we decided to make in a little bit more local (for some of us). After spending Friday night forcing my friends to craft with me and then following it up with a lively viewing of the women’s gymnastics nationals (Aly Raisman may be my new favorite, but Simone Biles is insane), we … Read More

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