The Boardwalk (208/365)

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Beach With the Abels


We capped off our weekend at the beach with a trip to the Rehoboth boardwalk for an early lunch and some fun time. This morning was kind of dreary out so it seemed like a good time to take advantage of the boardwalk fries, pizza, ice cream, and arcades.

Beach With the Abels

We started out by having lunch at Grotto Pizza. Grotto Pizza is the classic beach pizza around here and let me tell you something…it sucks. It was greasy and somehow watery and really not that flavorful. I think we should have known better.

However, we up for the disappointing pizza with taffy and ice cream. Nothing beats a twist cone with chocolate jimmies at the beach.

Beach With the Abels

We walked up and down the boardwalk for a while, stopping at a couple of arcades along the way. All of us got some good practice on the skee-ball machines and by the end, Jackson was totally getting into a groove. We won enough to win Aubrey yet another stuffed animal until we moved to a different arcade to play some more games. All of the kids got their chance at whack-a-mole, air hockey, and even more skee-ball until we had enough tickets to win everyone else a prize.
Beach With the Abels

It was a fun way to end a weekend that went way too quickly. It was fun hanging out at the beach with kids. Our weekend wasn’t quite as relaxing as usual, but it’s never boring when your with the Abels. I wish we had few more days though. Weekends are never long enough these days!

SimmieThe Boardwalk (208/365)

I’m Pooped (207/365)

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This morning started off a little earlier than usual. The kids were up at 6:30, so by the time Andrew and I got up at 8:30, they were dressed and ready to head to the beach.

As they headed to the beach, I laced up my sneakers and headed out for my long run for the week. I ran mostly on a path through a park. It was quite a beautiful run. A lot of it was through the woods and it was fairly cool and peaceful.


When I got back everyone was at the beach. Andrew and I got some sandwiches for everyone for lunch and we camped out on the beach. Apparently before I got there, there was some pretty gnarly boogie boarding going on and everyone was recovering from their time in the waves.


By the time we headed in from the beach, we were all exhausted (well, the adults at least). After a quick afternoon nap for the most of us, we went to dinner.

Grumpy Aubrey


Aubrey was not impressed.

We had a delightful dinner. Aubrey promptly feel asleep with her head on the table while the rest of us are. The food was good and we all ate until we were stuffed.

Somehow going to the beach always wipes me out. By 10 pm, I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. Not sure what’s in store for tomorrow, but I’m sure in going to need a lot of energy.

SimmieI’m Pooped (207/365)