SND – Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

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Grilled cheese and tomato soup has become a staple of the Sunday Night Dinner. And by staple, I mean that it seems as though we have it once a year. In fact, I made a custom calendar for 2016 that features one of our Sunday Night Dinners every month and today, when turning the page to May, Jen discovered that May’s picture is in fact grilled cheese and tomato soup! How’s that for coincidence? This was a good day for this meal. The weather was dreary and drizzly for most of the day. Andrew and I spent our day relaxing, … Read More

SND – Passover Edition

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After a few weeks off, we resumed our Sunday Night Dinners with the Passover edition. Passover started last Friday night, so for a good week or so, Andrew and I are off leavened food. ‘Tis really a shame since I have a well-documented love of bread. Turns out, making a kosher for Passover meal isn’t too hard, you just have to get a little creative. One might say this actually isn’t that creative, but it’s a little out of the realm of my usual cooking. Quinoa is unexpectedly kosher for Passover which means it’s a perfect stand-in for pasta or … Read More

SND – Lamb Burgers with Cucumber Salad

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On the way down to Jen and Evan’s for Sunday Night Dinner this week, I was wondering what we were going to be having to eat. My stomach was grumbling because I ate a big breakfast late and had skipped lunch, and for some reason as we were driving down, I was really hoping we were going to have something with olives. Random, huh? Well, what would you know? We walked in the door, the table was set, and Jen was just waiting for us to show up so she could cook the meat and be sure it was going … Read More

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