Finished the Chairs! (244/365)

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Adirondack Chairs


I finally finished the Adirondack chairs! I had one whole chair put together about a month ago and got 50% of the way there on the second one before life got so busy that I couldn’t bring myself to race the sun and take on the mosquitos during the few evenings I was home over the past few weeks. But today was deemed project day. Melissa left fairly early today so I braved the 95 degree weather (welcome to September!) and finished up the last bit of sanding I had to do on the slats for the seat and back of the second chair. I then set to finish assembling the chairs and staining them. I had to take a brief break because of sudden rain storm, but I managed to finish them tonight!


  They have now taken their proud place on the front porch where we can hopefully enjoy some cool evenings (and maybe finally meet our neighbors).

SimmieFinished the Chairs! (244/365)

Sunday Night Dinner (243/365)

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Sunday Night DInner


Sunday dinner this week…now with more Melissa!

After spending the day at Jen and Evan’s, we capped off the weekend with Sunday Night Dinner. While I sat around like a bump on a log, Melissa, Andrew, and Jen made us an excellent pizza dinner.

Sunday Night DInner

Sadly I didn’t get a picture of the peach pizza before it was assembled. When Andrew first checked on it in the oven, the middle had puffed up into a huge bubble that was at least 6″ tall. Apparently Jen has issues with pizzas getting a little puffy on her.

One of the pizzas was topped with olive oil, mozzarella, parmesan, peaches, and arugala. Andrew loves arugala on pizza. The other pizza was more traditional with red sauce, peppers, tomatoes, basil, and lots of garlic.

Sunday Night DInner

With some leftover corn from yesterday, Jen made a summer corn salad. It was delicious and refreshing, with bits of onion, cucumber, tomato, basil, and a lemon olive oil dressing with a dash of cayenne pepper.

It was super awesome to have Melissa over for Sunday Night Dinner. In fact, it was so awesome that we already invited her over for next week’s dinner. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for her to drive 5 hours for dinner each week, is it?

SimmieSunday Night Dinner (243/365)

Labor Day BBQ (242/365)

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Watermelon Smoothies


We kicked off our Labor Day weekend by finally going back to temple after a lengthly absence. Luckily our friends welcomes us back with open arms (literally, there’s lot of hugging at temple) and we got to enjoy a lovely service. I was honestly expecting it to be a little quiet since it’s a holiday season, but services were packed.

Afterwards we headed down to Jen and Evan’s for what they dubbed a “low-key BBQ”. Their low-key BBQ turned into an all afternoon and evening affair with 15 or 16 people stopping by as the day went on. It was a lot of fun though. There was lots and lots of food (which I forgot to photograph) and everyone had a delightful time.

Andrew has rediscovered our ridiculous blender. He was super excited about getting a Vitamix after our wedding and went on a smoothie making spree, but it has been hidden away for a while now. This past week it has reemerged for milkshakes and smoothies and today he has us tote it with us to Jen and Evan’s so he could make watermelon mint smoothies. It was a good idea. They were a big hit, especially with a splash of gin or vodka.


Lanny made a beautiful quiche to go along with hamburgers, sausage, pasta salad, guacamole, watermelon feta salad, pretzels, chips, cookies…

It was a great way to kick off the holiday weekend!

SimmieLabor Day BBQ (242/365)