Five Years

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Hey Andrew, I once told you I would make you a cake when we’d been together for five years. Well, we’ve made it to five years of marriage, so what kind of cake do you want?! Five years ago I made our wedding cake and smashed it in Andrew’s hair and ear despite him telling me to smash it anywhere BUT his hair and ear. Oops…oh well, we were already married! 🙂  

Nine Years

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Posting this a little late, but a week ago, Andrew, Lulu, and I went to the Mormon temple to celebrate nine years together. We managed to dodge the rainstorms and spent some time walking around and looking at the lights. Lulu loved running around enjoying the fresh air and the lights.  It was extra fun visiting with a toddler. Life has changed in the past nine years, and I can’t wait to see what happens over the next nine!

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