My name is Simmie. I bake cakes. Did you know that already?

I have not always been a baker. I used to be a small child with a giant head.

Just two friends on the playground

That’s my friend, Andrea. She’s still my friend to this day. She did not hold my mullet against me.

In fact, I wasn’t even a baker growing up. I grew up strictly on box mixes and premade frostings. The first thing I really remember making from scratch was fudge when I was eleven. I used to secretly make fudge, hide it in the cupboard, and eat it. But not all of it. Because it’s really hard to eat an entire pan of fudge by yourself. I don’t really know what happened to the rest of the fudge. Maybe my mom found it and threw it away.

Speaking of my mom. Here she is!

Me and the Jackster

We like to call her The Jackster.

I’m adopted. Can you tell?

Anyways, I didn’t start baking until after college. In college I learned all sort of things unrelated to making delicious baked goods, but related to making other stuff. Like satellites. That’s what I do as my real job. It pays the bills and is pretty fun to boot. Sometimes I make cakes that look like satellites.

CUSat Cake

Sometimes I make cakes that look like Lego Minifigs.

Lego Storm Trooper Cake

And sometimes I make cakes that play music.

For a while I did competitive taekwondo. And sometimes I even won

TKD Nationals

But this past year I decided I was done with getting kicked around. So I started playing roller derby. I play for the DC DemonCats as part of the DC Rollergirls League. I’m still learning, but it’s pretty awesome. Also, I think derby hurts less than taekwondo. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s true.

DC DemonCats

(photo credit:

I live in Maryland with this fella.


I think this photo accurately describes our relationship.

Most of the time, I’m just trying to have fun. I’m still learning my way through this baking thing, with its upsides and downsides and upside-down cakes. So hopefully I can share some of my adventures with you, culinary or otherwise, because life is full of too many ridiculous stories not to.

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simmiecakes AT gmail DOT com