Cupcake Tree

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Or rather, a tree made out of cupcakes.

Cupcake Tree

I made this a few weeks ago when my handy-dandy assistant, Elise was here. Having Elise stay with us was great. She made us cake. She made us muffins. She made us dinner. She made me hundreds and hundreds of little fondant leaves. Elise, when are you coming back?

This cupcake tree was made for Oneg at my temple. I think I told you guys about Oneg before? Oh yes, I have.

Anyways…cupcakes for 50 people oughta be interesting. So I decided to tap my slightly more creative side and try a cupcake mosaic. I’d say it was pretty successful. I hardly took any time at all…


Basically I baked a lot of cupcakes. Six dozen maybe. Actually, I baked like half of a lot of cupcakes. Elise baked the rest (thanks Elise!). I then found the two biggest cake boards I had in my house (which apparently weren’t big enough) and arranged the cupcakes in a tree-like shape. Long skinny part with big puffy part on top? Perfect. After that, it was free hand all the way. Each cupcake got a base of white frosting and then I sort of just went for it. The trunk ended up a little fat, but I think it was pretty clear it was a tree. Whadda you think?

Full Shot

Elise made all of the leaves by marbling red, yellow, and brown fondant and then cutting each leaf out by hand with a small cookie cutter (fondant cutter?). I think she did a spectacular job. Hey Elise, next time you’re here, I have 534 stars for you to cut out. OK? You still coming back? Elise?…Elise?…

Pshaw, she’ll be back…

I hope.


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  2. Of course I’m coming back! Endless cake scraps for snacking make it all worthwhile. Man, I wish I had some cake scraps right now.

    I’m trying to imagine what anyone could do with 534 fondant stars, and all I can come up with is some kind of Lady Gaga-style avant garde bodysuit.

    1. Author

      Do you know what I had right after you left? Endless cake scraps perfect for making cake balls. Alas, you were gone and I was lazy so I made a trifle instead.

  3. Author

    Don’t you teach your students to read the whole way through? Six dozen cupcakes, right under the closeup of the leaves…geez, mom.

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