Thumbs Up! (122/366)

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(credit JHU/APL)

Well that was quite a day. This is what I spent the last 24 hours doing.

We started work at 7 PM on Monday night and the plane landed around 8 AM this morning. I finally got to sleep after a good long 33 hour day around 5 PM this afternoon.

So, this is my real job. I design and build spacecraft in my spare time when I’m not making cakes and cookies. The program I’m working on is called the Radiation Belt Storm Probes. There’s lots of neat info about them here. I’m currently typing this from Cocoa Beach, Florida. Oh hey, I’m living in Florida for a while!

I’m here to help support the launch campaign for RBSP. We’re scheduled to launch in August, so I’m going to be here for a while. We’ll see what kind of baking I can cobble up in this makeshift kitchen.

Anyways, we left late on Monday night to ship the spacecraft from their home in Maryland to their new home in Florida. By 8 PM we were loading the spacecraft onto to the trucks.

By 10 PM, we were headed down the road to Andrews Air Force Base.

By 12 AM, we had arrived and were waiting for the plane to arrive.

By 1 AM, we had seen Air Force One (or at least one of the Presidential planes) drive by and take off.

By 2 AM, we were all wondering if our plane was ever going to show up.

By 3 AM, the plane was here and we started loading.

By 6 AM, the spacecraft were safely on the plane and I had managed to mangle my thumb a bit.

Thumbs Up!


By 8 AM, we arrived in Florida.

By 11 AM, we had unloaded the spacecraft for safe keeping overnight.

By 2 PM, I had my car, my condo, and after much urging from others, went to get my thumb checked out.

Cleaner Thumbs Up!

Nothing a little tape and gauze can’t heal.

By 5 PM, I had all my stuff in the condo and I collapsed from lack of sleep.

By 10 PM, I woke up from my slumber enough to unpack and type this post. Also to get really tired again.

So on that note, time for bed!

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