Sunday Night Dinner – Family Edition (201/365)

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Jen and Evan weren’t able to join us for Sunday Night Dinner this week since they were away at what appears to be a fabulous wedding. However, we still had guests for dinner this week – Andrew’s family came over! His mom, dad, and Jamie and Johnny came over and we all had a lovely evening. I’m not sure if it’s because we had more time or because it was his family coming for dinner, but I think we put a little extra effort into dinner this evening.

 Andrew decided to make pork tenderloin as the main course. Elise had made it for us when she was here before and it was super easy so he decided to go with it. He ended making two roasted and stuffed tenderloins. One was stuff with green chiles and rubbed with a chipotle spice mix and the other was stuffed with bell peppers and onions and rubbed with garlic powder. They were awesome.

Sunday Night Dinner

I made our new favorite herbed potato salad and a caprese salad to go along with it. Andrew’s dad brought tomatoes and corn from the farmers markets near the beach which meant our produce was delectable. Andrew grills the corn in the husks and it always comes out so flavorful and delicious. Starting out with good corn doesn’t hurt either.

Sunday Night Dinner

Sunday Night Dinner
For dessert I made strawberry shortcake which is close to one of my favorite desserts to make. We all finished dinner stuffed and satisfied. 

Sunday Night Dinner


It was such a pleasant way to end the weekend. We’ve got another busy week ahead of us before more weekend trips!



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