Sunday Night Dinner – Lamb Ragu

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Lamb Ragu

So after a year of Sunday Night Dinners, we finally had our first repeat meal. I think that’s pretty impressive all things considered. Jen and Evan made us lamb ragu for dinner and it was as delightful and tasty as I remember. Also, this is a much better picture.

With news of the impending storm (good luck New England) we lamented over the pitiful snow we’re likely to see and reminisced about Snowmaggedon. Jen and I wistfully remembered snow days growing up in MA and CT and the joy of waking up early just to find out if school was canceled. Then it was a day spent shoveling snow in piles over our heads and cozying up inside with hot chocolate and TV. Alas, down here in MD, there’s usually less snow, more panic, and crazy driving. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a blanket of snow in the morning (but it’s currently 43° outside, so that doesn’t seem likely).


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