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  1. Hi Simmie, this is Peter Robinson’s dad. Our younger son Evan is having a birthday party on Feb. 25th, and I thought I’d check to see if you were interested/able to make one for his event. He really likes the stormtrooper one. If yes, great! If not, no worries.

    Ray Robinson

  2. Simmie. It kimberly. Black purse with polka dots for 40th bday. Im getting married next fall and would love for you to do the grooms cake. Are you available for hire? Thinking about a replica of his white jeepwrangler 1990 that he has had for 20+ years and still drives it. Sheesh. I visit you pics every so often to admire your latest pieces. I still love your work.

    1. Author


      I still do make cakes for people from time to time. It would be awesome to make that cake for you. Let me know when it’s closer what the plan is and we can firm something up!

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