Ten Years

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Well, the third post of the year on this old blog is a good one.  Ten years ago (!), Andrew and I went on our first date at the Mormon Temple in DC. Unconventional maybe, but hey, it’s ten years later, we’re married and have two baby girls, so I’d say it was a good choice. We come back every year on December 23rd to see the lights. This year we got to bring Rosie along too (oh hey, I’ve been missing this year on the blog…we had another kid which a big reason why) and for the first time … Read More

Five Years

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Hey Andrew, I once told you I would make you a cake when we’d been together for five years. Well, we’ve made it to five years of marriage, so what kind of cake do you want?! Five years ago I made our wedding cake and smashed it in Andrew’s hair and ear despite him telling me to smash it anywhere BUT his hair and ear. Oops…oh well, we were already married! 🙂  

Four Years

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Four years ago the rain had just passed and we were freezing our butts off (or at least I was), just enjoying a moment together before our shindig got underway. Not sure I could have imagined what these past four years were going to be like, but I’m still enjoying my moments together with you! Happy Anniversary Andrew!

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