First Anniversary (146/365)

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At the summit



Today was our one year wedding anniversary. Crazy how time flies. Since it was Memorial Day and we had the day off of work we decided to have a little adventure for the day. 

After a lazy morning we decided to get up and head to Sugarloaf Mountain. Wait, didn’t we go to Sugarloaf Mountain last week? Why yes we did. And apparently there’s another one in Maryland. There’s also one in Maine. Maybe we’ll go there next week. Knock off all the Sugarloaf locations in a row.

Sugarloaf - Maryland Version

So another Sugarloaf and another hike. I’m not sure what Andrew did to change my mind about hiking, but suddenly I am not violently opposed to it. It’s almost sort of fun. Especially since we keep doing these super short, super steep hikes that make me stop every four minutes and think about how much more in shape I wish I was. This hike was actually quite crowded and the view at the top was beautiful (but not as nice as last week’s I don’t think). It was still a fun time though.

Froggy Friend

 On the way down, Eagle-Eyes-Andrew somehow spotted this fellow. We named him Hector.



We spent a couple of hours on the mountain before running out of water and deciding to head home to shower and relax for a few hours. 

For dinner, upon recommendation of Jen and Evan, we drove up to Frederick to have dinner at Family Meal. It was a good recommendation.


Beet Salad


We started with both the smoked scallop and the carrot-beet salad for appetizers. Both were amazing. I love beets so much and these were served in a goat cheese and horseradish sauce…mmm.


Fried Chicken



For dinner we shared the basket of fried chicken with jalapeƱo biscuits, shrimp and grits, and duck fat fries. The seasoning on the fried chicken was great. The batter wasn’t as crispy as I usually like, but it was still good. The grits and fries were decadent. Even for us, this was sort of a ridiculous amount of food, so we took a doggie bag home with us. It was a great end to an awesome day.


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