Star Wars Lego Cake

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I’ve promised each of the Abel kids one spectacular birthday cake, as long as they cash it in before their tenth birthday. Deadlines are approaching and flying by, so it was time to get some cake orders in. Jackson turned nine this year and for his birthday he requested this Star Wars Lego cake. This wasn’t the first time I’d made a Star Wars Lego cake, but the last time I made one was over seven years ago and made at a point in my life when I could pull all-nighters making cake without a tiny human clamoring for my attention. The last … Read More

Lego Stormtrooper Cake

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I have pulled three all-nighters in my entire life. The first one was before the last day of the semester my senior year of college. We had to make sumo wrestling robots and ours was having programming issues. We spent all night debugging our program just to decide at the last minute our logic was too complicated and go back to what we started the evening with 10 hours earlier. Our robot’s name was The Iron Chef and we ended up doing pretty well in the competition. The second all-nighter I ever pulled was an epically disastrous night in which … Read More

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