Baby Blocks Baby Naming Cake

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The baby blocks are back! They’re almost square and kinda cute and this time they have Hebrew letters! Yup, I free-handed those puppies myself. Bonus points to anyone who can read what they say.

There were supposed to be only six blocks, but apparently my engineering background and long years of higher education left me unable to divide twelve by three correctly. Turns out three goes into twelve four times. Alas, I ended up with eight blocks which worked out perfectly since Cody’s Hebrew name (oops, did I just give it away?) has eight letters in it. I guess this time two wrongs did make a right.

And what do you do when you have lots and lots of leftover cake? You have a cake fight! I’m not sure if I can fully describe the feeling of smooshing cake and icing into someone’s face. But it’s totally satisfying and I highly recommend it. (Plus, then you smell delicious.) (And icing does wonders for your skin. (Ok, I’m totally making that up. I have no idea if icing has any positive or negative effects on your skin. Perhaps ask your friendly dermatologist?))


  1. I want to try to do this – can you share your recipe? I’ve never made square cakes so I’m not sure for how long to cook it, what size pan, etc…. Any help would be great.

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