Do you love Lucy?

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I Love Lucy Cake

Are you all fans of I Love Lucy? Back in the day, I Love Lucy was broadcast on Nick at Night. Does Nick at Night still exist? Oh, apparently it does.

And looking at the website…oh geez, I feel old. I remember watching Nick at Night and seeing shows like I Love Lucy and I Dream of Jeannie. I was much more of a fan of I Dream of Jeannie though. Something about Lucy’s wackiness did not sit well with me. Apparently as a ten year-old, I had no patience for the hijinks Lucy found herself in. Some of the shows were in color and some were in black and white. I distinctly remember sitting in front of the TV and watching them and thinking, “These shows are soooo old.” and feeling bad that my mom had to watch television in black and white as a child.

As I clicked over to the new Nick at Night website, I have to admit, I was momentarily horrified to see that the current programming includes Home Improvement and The Nanny. These are shows I watched as a kid and they weren’t old – they were fresh and new. Oddly enough, Tim “The Toolman” Taylor probably found himself in as many ridiculous situations as Lucy, but apparently I had more patience for his goofs than I had for Lucy’s. Also, I can still sing the opening song to The Nanny (and may have done so on numerous occasions when I realized my friend Elise lived in Flushing, Queens). I now fear that kids these days are watching Nick and Night and thinking, “These shows are soooo old”, which means they are thinking of me how I thought of my mom back when I was ten…old. Also, apparently I’ve become a curmudgeon.

Ok, enough about that, back to the cake. Although, I may not be one of them, some people DO love Lucy. Actually, a lot of people love Lucy. According to the Wikipedia page, it was the most watched show for four of its six seasons, ranked number two on TV Guide‘s list of greatest television shows, and was included on Time‘s list of “100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME.” Maybe I should re-watch a few episodes.

So, included in the large population of Lucy lovers in the world, is the daughter of one of my co-workers. Tony is one of the nicest guys around. He works in the Space Simulation Lab at my work and I can honestly say, he’s terrific to work with. I spent a lot of time with him when my hardware was not working and he was always willing to lend me a hand with a smile on his face. So when he asked me to make a cake for his daughter’s bridal shower, of course I said yes.

Heart Cupcakes

The bottom two layers of the cake were vanilla cake with vanilla icing. The heart on the top was made of rice crispy treats, (ehem, rice CEREAL treats) covered in fondant. I hadn’t made anything with rice crispy treats in a while, but, um…rice crispy treats are awesome. And take like 15 minutes to make. I’m not sure why I don’t make them more often. That and kettle corn. Rice and corn, those are totally healthy grains, right? I also made two dozen cupcakes to go with the cake. They were also vanilla cake with some pink vanilla icing and decorated with a fondant heart and some silver dragees. There was a lot of love.



  1. I may not be a regular on but I 150% agree with Meredith about making a Hey Arnold or Rugrats cake.

    Don’t know if you know this Simmie, but my dad he loves animation art. His entire office is covered in it. Jen has sylvester and I have winnie the pooh. But I think dad has my winnie the pooh in his office at the moment….I need to check that out.

    My challange for you? cartoon/animation cakes. nickelodeon, disney, warner brothers, and well whatever else you want! 🙂

  2. I love “I Love Lucy”! (and yes, I always feel awkward saying that sentence and usually repeat it about 10 different ways each time)
    anyway, thinking of old shows: you should make a Hey Arnold or Rugrats cake!

  3. oooolala! I totally have “The Nanny” theme song stuck in my head. I blame you. Hope you’re having fun on your trip!

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