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I was going to say we’re barely into September, but it turns out it’s already September 13th. When did that happen?

How’s your September going? Has it been as quick as mine?

I’ve done a lot and have a lot of photos and stuff to put up here as soon as I get a moment to catch my breath.

So far this September I have been to two weddings, a funeral, made two trips up to MA, made three batches of cupcakes, got a new roommate (an additional one, I didn’t trade out the other fella), successfully completed a major spacecraft test at work, nursed my little patient, and ran a triathlon. It’s been busy.

But until I can collect my thoughts, here’s a picture of The Jackster in a cowboy hat.



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    And by September 13th, I mean September 21st. Apparently time still continues even when I’m not paying attention.

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