What a Day! (105/366)

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Where do I start? Today has been such a fun day!

Shall we work backwards?

Happy End of Passover!

Passover is finally over! We celebrated with pizza and garlic knots. Our breath is outstanding.

Red Sox Box Score

After a shaky start, the Red Sox pulled out a big win against the Rays. Things are looking up.

CAPS Box Score

Before that, the CAPS pulled out a double-overtime win against the Bruins!

Happy Birthday Jackson!


This afternoon, Andrew and I went to a pretty sweet birthday party. The coolest little boy we know had his fourth birthday party today. We all had a swashbuckling good time.

Jelly Bean Dispenser!

At Jackson’s birthday party, I got a (really early) birthday gift! It’s a MOTION ACTIVATED JELLY BEAN DISPENSER!!!!! Filled to the brim with jelly beans. The good kind too. (Starburst jelly beans are the best. Betsy and I did a taste test a couple of years ago and, Starburst came out on top.) I’m debating what the odds are that I will finish the container before I leave for Florida. (I’m betting…yes. Liz is betting (hoping) no.)


Andrew is going to brew another batch of beer. We hit up the beer store to pick up more supplies.

RBSP Family Day

The day started with a trip to the RBSP Family Day. I brought my entire taekwondo team to come learn about the satellites I work on and give them a chance to see the hardware. I hope they enjoyed it. They took lots of pictures of the spacecraft so I’m going to take that as a good sign.

This weekend has been crazy fun already, and it’s only Saturday!

Oh, and that picture from yesterday? Just in case you missed it…yes! Andrew and I are engaged!

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