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Is that a hypothetical hand washing? What else could “wash hands” stand for? Wash paws? Wash flippers? Or maybe it’s not really washing that must be done. At any rate, I’m a little concerned, especially since I saw this sign in a restaurant. A restaurant with such brilliant service that I was brought the wrong meal twice. Third time’s the charm I guess.

In other news, my mother and I drove up and down Florida in search of wedding stuff. We started by going to a bridal salon in a mall (first tipoff this might not be a great idea) and quickly moved onto our next adventure when we walked in and the most prominently featured piece of clothing was an oversized t-shirt with a cartoon bikini body painted on it. That’s the class I’m looking for in a wedding dress.

Our second stop was to a bridal show where I realized I’m far too cynical about stuff like this to be going to a bridal show. Also, getting married in MA makes going to a bridal show in central Florida a lot less useful unless I’m going to fly a vendor up the east coast. I suppose I got some free cake samples and a rose.

Then, since we hadn’t been in the car enough today, we drove up to Orlando to visit our final planned bridal shop of the trip. And thank goodness we did, because after an hour and a half with Debora, our Brazilian, and lovely consultant, I walk out with a dress! Well, I walked out with a paper saying that in two months I’ll be walking out with a dress! I’m going to have quite the shipment back to MD when this project is finished.


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