Orlando Whizzing By (184/366)

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Orlando Whizzing By


A bunch of us drove out to Orlando today after work. I wanted to go because I got an email that one of the things I had ordered at the bridal shop had arrived and my coworker wanted to go to see if he could get his iPod fixed or replaced.

We stopped first at David’s Bridal for what I thought was going to be a five minute in-and-out visit. This instead turned into a twenty minute visit when my coworkers all decided to come into the store with me, walk around and check out the dresses, and wait as I tried on my dress which apparently arrived at the store without anyone telling me. So after an impromptu fashion show and a quick question and answer session on the logistics of getting a dress altered, we got out of there with pretty much my entire bridal outfit. How convenient. Also, seeing our mechanical technician and our mechanisms engineer sitting in the middle of a bridal salon was pretty hilarious. They were oddly interested in the goings-on.

You’ll be glad to know that Jim indeed got his iPod replaced as well so the trip was altogether successful.

Also, as I walked up to my condo with the dress in tow, I started to wonder what people think is going on here between the number of packages that have been delivered to my house and the random assortment of things that are coming and going from this place. I’m either an online shopping addict or running some sort of ebay business out of here.


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