Alien Cake (223/366)

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Alien Cake


Is today Friday? I’m losing track of the days here. We work, we don’t work, everything is blending together. I did actually go to work today. Right now it seems like it was ages ago. I hardly remember what happened this morning. We’re getting really close at work. The spacecraft is on top of the rocket right now and launch is currently less than two weeks away! Yikes!

After work today I made this cake for one of my coworkers. It was her birthday and she is retiring at the end of this program. When I was asked to make the cake, I asked what it should look like. And this is what was requested. There’s a pretty funny inside joke to go along with the cake, but suffice it say, it went over well.

Another thing that went over well? Look at the cake!

Happy Cake Scraps

Funfetti cake has to be one of the happiest cakes. I mean, look at the scraps! They just make me want to smile. I made my funfetti from scratch and after experiencing pure joy from cutting a cake, I want to repeat it over and over and over again. Funfetti for all!


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