Lighting McQueen (292/366)

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Lightning McQueen


Woo, haven’t done this in a while. My friend Jen’s son is having his third birthday party this weekend. He requested a Cars cake. This is actually, not the first time I’ve made Lightning McQueen. I made him last year too for another little boy’s birthday. Apparently he’s popular with the youngsters these days.

Jen is a no fondant requestor, which always gives me a little extra challenge when I decorate my cakes. It’s not nearly as clean as fondant, but it tastes a bit better. She also generally wants cream cheese icing which has a gummier texture than regular buttercream and makes it a little harder to spread and smooth out. I did my best though. I might try to fix it up a little bit in the morning, but we’ll see how late I end up waking up.

First Layer

I do think the shape of this cake is better than the last one I made. The dimensions are a bit more proportional so he’s not quite so wide and flat this time. I most proud of that aspect. I actually carved the cake by eye. I stacked two 9×13 cakes on top of one another and just went to town with a serrated knife. Take a little off here, take a little off there… and voila! You have a car.

One more cake tomorrow…I always forget this week is cake week. Ah well, it’s good practice!

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