The Long Long Long Ride (326/366)

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The Jackster


It only took us twelve hours!

I mean, it was supposed to take us like nine, but we made it. After getting a little bit of a late start (but not too bad), it was pretty smooth sailing until we hit Pennsylvania. What is supposed to be a breeze was…not.

Around Harrisburg, PA we hit traffic. And it was bad. It took us somewhere around two hours to go something like 2-3 miles. There were points where we were at a complete standstill. We probably should have just shut the car off. After inching along for a couple of hours it turned out the traffic was caused by a two lane highway merging down to a one lane highway because of CONSTRUCTION. WHO DOES CONSTRUCTION THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING??

After that delightful bit, we got stuck in another, smaller traffic jam. But by comparison, it was a breeze.

Anyways…we made it back to MA. The Jackster was waiting for us at The Big Chill. I can’t believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving people! Eat well!

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