All You Need Is Love (343/366)

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All You Need Is Love


Today was one of those days that just went by in a flash. This morning seems like a million years ago, two hours ago seems like two days ago, and when I think back on the day, my brain in a jumble of everything and nothing, but most of all happiness.

Today started very early. Or perhaps yesterday just continued very late. I stayed up late making a cake to bring to temple this morning. Between my general tiredness from the week and a lack of urgency, I managed to get a very very late start on decorating. I would say it was somewhere near the 11 PM mark before I started getting into some serious decorating. Which means this morning as Andrew crawled out of bed to go to work, I was crawling into bed. Did I mention it was 4:45 AM?

I got up a few hours later to bring the cake to temple. The cake was for Adam, who became a Bar Mitzvah today. I’ve gotten to know him and his family through the Purim Shpiel at my temple. They are really just a lovely bunch of people and I feel really lucky to know them. Plus, Adam is a cool kid. He’s sweet, talented, and loves the Beatles. He also did a terrific job during his Bar Mitzvah.

Beatles Drum Cake

After taking a much needed nap in the afternoon, I headed down to Virginia to celebrate Adam’s Bar Mitzvah. I haven’t been to a Bar Mitzvah party in eight or nine years and mine was over fifteen years ago (gosh I’m getting old). I didn’t know what to expect. Turns out they aren’t a whole lot different from when I was thirteen. The boys dance together in one group, the girls dance together in another group and the adults sort of skirt the edges of the dance floor for most of the night.

I wasn’t sure how it was going to be, being one of the few twenty-somethings at the party. I fit somewhere between the kids and the adults (but veering closer to the adults (haha, I just absentmindedly typed “kids”. I guess we know where I think I belong.)). It turned out to be a really great time. There were a whole bunch of people from our temple there and it was nice to just get to sit around and chat for a couple of hours. I love our community. It’s full of so many friendly, generous, and plain old nice people. As I was sitting at table eating my vegetarian ravioli, I thought about how lucky I was to find a place like this. Sometimes growing up isn’t so bad.

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