Happy Birthday to The Jackster!

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Birthday Cake for Mom

Today is my mom’s 60th birthday. Oops, are you not supposed to reveal these things on the internet?¬†We like to call her The Jackster.

I can’t believe my mom is 60. It doesn’t seem like all that long ago that I was planning her a surprise 50th birthday party in Massachusetts from my dorm room in Ithaca. Let’s just say it didn’t go that smoothly. I may have spilled the beans multiple times over the phone, but in the end it was a great party with a lot of friends and family.

Now it’s ten years later. Unfortunately I didn’t plan a surprise party for her in Massachusetts from my home in Maryland. But when she was here a few weeks ago, I did FINALLY make her a birthday cake. In case there was any doubt, I made her a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, topped with chocolate fondant – she likes chocolate.

My mom is a pretty terrific person. She’s lived a pretty crazy life (which she humbly keeps to herself) which involves world-wide traveling, raising a kid (a pretty great one, if I don’t say so myself) by herself, and she just wrapped up a lengthy teaching career. Seriously, my mom once rode in a bus with goats and sheep in South America. Also, she illegally took pictures of North Korea at the border in South Korea. Right? She’s awesome.

So, Happy Birthday to The Jackster! I love you!



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