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I’m baaackkk!!! I know, you missed me, right?

Or not.

Anyways, the past couple of months have been nuts. We were in the home stretch for the play at my temple and three weeks later, oh yeah, Andrew and I got married.

Our wedding was everything I hoped it would be. It was a great time, surrounded by family and friends. You can check out some amazing photographs here. It was exactly how you would think it was based on the pictures. It was a day full of joy, laughter, and yes, a handstand.

Being that it was our wedding, I did my fair share of baking. When all was said and done, I think  I used:

  • 7 dozen eggs
  • 9 lbs of butter
  • 15 lbs of flour
  • 15 lbs of sugar
  • 8 lbs of powdered sugar

I baked:

  • 10 separate cakes
  • 100 iced sugar cookies
  • 150 chocolate chip cookies (Melissa made those. Shout out to Melissa!)
  • 44 cupcakes

First up – the wedding cake! Yup, I baked my own cake. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Wedding Cake

(Props to Andrew’s Aunt Barbara for the photograph!)

The bottom tier was funfetti cake. The next tier was coconut cake with lime curd filling. The top two tiers were blueberry cake with lemon icing. That was eight cakes. Melissa also helped me make hundreds of the gumpaste hydrangeas. It’s oddly soothing cutting those things out. (Or at least I think so. Melissa might beg to differ.)

The last two cakes went to this:


This cake was chocolate cake with vanilla swiss buttercream icing and fondant decorations. I made Andrew a surprise groom’s cake. Up to this point, I’d never made Andrew a cake. Our deal was he would get a cake on his fifth birthday since we had become a couple. He was due a cake this coming July until my coworker pointed out anniversaries start over when you get married. This meant his cake wasn’t due until 2018.

I had to make this cake before Andrew made it up to Massachusetts. I finished it the morning he was to arrive, boxed it up, and then plastered it with labels so no one would stack anything on it or leave it in the heat. I’m pretty sure he had an inkling of what it was before he actually saw it, but he was still surprised.


The butterfly cupcakes made their triumphant return as a thank you to our vendors. You can see how to make them here.

a3533210065df796b53ce2b70d4ecd2a(Thanks to Betsy for the photograph)

I decorated sugar cookies in the shape of Virginia (where Andrew is from) and Massachusetts (where I’m from) to be included in the welcome bags for all of the guests staying at our hotel.

I forgot to take a picture of the 150 chocolate chip cookies Melissa baked that were given out at our wedding. Suffice it to say, she did an excellent job, both baking, and packaging all of the cookies. And I mean all of them. Of course she used my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Phew! As predicted, I spent the majority of my week before the wedding baking and baking and baking. But it was totally worth it. I’m now inspired to work on my baking and decorating skills over the summer. I already have my next wedding cake order so I gotta start practicing!


  1. I’m planning my son’s first birthday party for August and I want it to match his nursery theme. It seems almost impossible where I live then…. I found you! You made that Caps cake!!! I love it!!! We are hugeeeee Caps fans and his nursery is allll decked out in caps stuff. There’s no way to contact you and see if I can hire you to make the cake is there? Haha I need that cake!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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      The Nepali Coast in Hawaii! I just haven’t gotten around to uploading any pictures yet…

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      Thanks! I was going to make MD too, but I ran out of time…

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