Bacon Cheddar Waffles

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You guys! For the first time in SIX years, I have no scheduled activities after work!

This is oddly liberating. First it was grad school. Then it was Hebrew classes. Then it was taekwondo, play rehearsals, or temple meetings. Things started winding down in April, but then we had that whole wedding thing to finish planning.


But now? Now, I am free!!

(I have a feeling this freedom is going to be short-lived. I can’t be idle for long.)

So you know what happens when I have a lot of free time? I have to find ways to fill it up. Which means making elaborate (or at least elaborate for me…so more than a bowl of cereal) breakfasts on the weekend. I made these waffles last weekend and oolala, how delectable. 


Adding bacon to waffles is just so darn fancy. Adding cheese to them as well is downright extravagant. But what are lazy weekends for if not to be extravagant? 

Warning: these waffles require about five strips of bacon. If you find yourself making up the rest of the bacon, you know, just because, you should make sure you don’t also find yourself eating the rest of the said bacon. This leads to bacon hangovers, which aren’t pretty.

Neither Andrew nor I are really maple syrup people, but we both agreed that a little drizzle of maple syrup adds a nice sweet complement to the salty bacon and savory cheese goodness. 

This batch made 4 waffles, but we could only eat two. Which means two more are in the freezer for our next fancy weekend breakfast. (hurrah!)


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