Yellow Cake

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My friends and I are having a grand debate over what exactly is yellow cake. I claim that yellow cake is the same as vanilla cake. My friends claim that it is different than vanilla cake. We can all agree that white cake is neither vanilla cake nor yellow cake. My theory is that “yellow” cake as my friends describe really only exists in box mix form. According to Duncan Hines, there is no “vanilla” cake box mix, only “yellow” cake. Betty Crocker has both “vanilla” and “butter recipe yellow”, which is now just confusing me more.

So I went online to find a recipe for “yellow” cake and decided to do a trial run. This recipe doesn’t have markedly more butter in it than my normal vanilla cake recipe, so I really don’t know what to expect. We’ll be tasting it later today, so I’ll let you know what the verdict is tomorrow. 


  1. It was yummy but not yellow cake. If you want yellow cake stick with the box mix.

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