Homemade Pasta

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Pesto Pasta


Ever since Andrew got on a pasta making kick, he’s been coveting the pasta maker attachment for our Kitchenaid stand mixer. It was on our wedding registry and he went through an extensive plan for how we were going to get it if we didn’t end up getting for our wedding. Imagine his excitement when we opened a package that arrived at our garage a few weeks after our wedding! Thanks Melissa and Brad!

This past week, we finally broke it out. And man-oh-man, it was an experience. I sort of underestimated how much the dough would stretch as it was rolled thinner and thinner which resulted in sheets of pasta all over the kitchen. It was like having a Strega Nona experience in our house. My timing was a little off as I was making the pasta, which resulted in a bit of sticky dough, but eventually we ended up with a beautiful pile of uniform linguine.

Pesto Pasta

Andrew doesn’t particularly like tomato sauce on his pasta (weird, I know, right?!), so I decided to make some pesto. Because I think garlic might be his second favorite food behind olive oil (is that considered a food?).  

Pesto Pasta 

Making pesto with a food processor is a cinch. Basically you throw everything into the food processor, turn it on for a while, and right before you serve it, mix in some grated parmesan.  That’s it. 

Pesto Pasta

 I threw in a little caprese salad for good measure (there’s that olive oil!), and because it just feels like summer. 

Pesto Pasta


I’m exited to try some new kinds of pasta (Meri, we’re all set for you to come over and cook!), especially with our spiffy new gadget. Also, now Andrew doesn’t have to get carpal tunnel from hand cutting piles and piles of pasta. There’s a whole new (delicious) world open to us now!

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  1. I’m ready! I’ve been watching the pasta guy at the restaurant every day to pick up new tricks

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