Fun Shoe Friday!

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Fun Shoe Friday!


Sometimes I’m just too lazy to bend down and tie my shoes so I just live on the edge and walk around with my laces free to trip me at any time.

– I’ve never actually seen Breaking Bad, but this is pretty clever.

– Apparently a lot countries wonder if Americans are allowed in Cuba. Also, New Zealand is very preoccupied with the color of American food. It’s funny to see what different countries wonder about the others.

– I LOVE Publix subs. I believe I declared my love for them last year, but YES.

This is awesome and sad and beautiful all at the same time.

– The fact that FedEx still managed to get the arrow into their logo in Arabic is impressive.

– I’m impressed these people are putting themselves out there so much, but I don’t think I could date someone like this. I’m interested to see what happens six days from now.

– I always said I had great hearing to make up for my terrible vision. This guy trained himself to have extraordinary hearing because he can’t see at all.

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