Fun Shoe Friday!

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Oh, hey, it’s my wedding shoes!

– It’s no secret I love candy. When I was in Florida last year, Andrew sent me five pounds of gummi bears. It was amazing.

Nerdy Russian soldiers sing Skyfall and it’s awesome. I think it’s the fact that their hats are twice the size of their heads.

– I think these girls are pretty immediately recognizable. Chrome might be the most obvious one.

– Yeah, I definitely pronounced “asiago” wrong for like two years. Don’t let that happen to you

This sloth love is directly for Elise.

– I saw a version of this a while ago. It’s so clever and obvious each food choice is for each country.

– Every time I drove up to Ithaca I would wonder how long a trip to the grocery store it was for the people living in the small towns I drove through. We’ve got it good on the east coast.

– Need a little refresher on the solar system? Here ya go.

– Apparently we should all be drinking Bloody Marys. Except I would drink a half of one and be drunk off my rocker.

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