Wedding Cake #3

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Simple Wedding Cake

A few weeks ago I got an email asking if I could make a last minute wedding cake. Seeing that I…never get cake orders, I happily accepted.

At the time, I just knew it was for my former roommate’s mother’s friends. Got that? But then I heard the whole story and it made it so much better.

It turns out this cake was for a small wedding of a friend and his long time partner. They live in Georgia where same-sex marriage is not legal, so while they were both in DC they decided to get married. They were going to have a simple ceremony and small gathering afterwards to celebrate. However, their young, twin daughters apparently had all sorts of ideas of what a wedding should include and one of those things was a wedding cake and cutting the cake at the reception.

Which is why I was asked just two short weeks ago if I could whip up a little wedding cake. 

Totally the best.


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