Fun Shoe Friday!

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Sorry for the lack of posting in the last week. I’ve been sick with the never-ending cold. On the upside, today was the first day I could mostly breathe out of my nose!

And yes, Fun Shoe Friday this week is Fun Roller Skates Friday. In in the process of trying out for the roller derby league, so I’m going to be spending a lot of time on these puppies for a while.

– I never really got into that whole hashtag thing. I’m pretty sure when you have paragraphs of hashtags though, you’re overdoing it a bit.

– So Don Draper and Oscar the Grouch have the same birthday as me. That would be some party.

– I want to go to Socotra Island and pretend I’m living in a science fiction movie.

– Did you know the Ozone hole is shrinking? All those lessons in middle school must have worked. I’m not sure if any of these facts are unbelievable, but they sure are interesting.

Lip Sync Battle is on.

– We were literally having this conversation at work a few weeks ago. The article actually mentions one of the programs I’m working on.

– I kind of want this book. The pictures make me chuckle.

– Can someone make me these? Except without the nuts, because in general, nuts in baked goods are gross.

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