Seinfeld Cake

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Seinfeld Cake

Ok, well that was a debacle. I was trying to make some changes to my site and then work and derby and houses and life got in the way and it took me way longer than I was expecting. But now I’m back. And hopefully my site is a little faster to load and should be filled with glorious cakes and random anecdotes about my life.


This cake! I made this cake for my friend Arthur. He turned 30 a few weeks ago and his wife, Katy asked me if I could make something for the party. I’ve known Arthur since I was five. We met on the first day of kindergarten when he showed me around to all of the different play areas. Our families have grown extremely close over the years. We’ve celebrated birthdays, bar mitzvahs, graduations, and weddings (his dad, Kevin, officiated our wedding!) over the past 25 years together. When he moved to Maryland a couple of years ago, we had a happy reunion. It’s great having him and Katy nearby!

Katy came up with the concept for this cake. I’ve never watched much Seinfeld so I had to trust her with all of the references. I recognized a few them, including the puffy shirt.

Seinfeld Cake

 The license plate was made out of gumpaste and then I drew the statue of liberty with an edible marker. I was pleased with how it came out considering I freehanded it at 3 AM. The words were hand painted using food gel.

Seinfeld Cake


Katy did an awesome job making the fusilli Arthur topper. Other references included a soup cup for the top layer, black and white cookies, pretzels, a wedding envelope, a whale with a golf ball, and Junior mints. All the lettering was freehanded, so the fact that’s it’s not TOO crooked or off-center was basically a miracle. Apparently I get my second (third? fourth?) wind once it switches from late nights to early mornings.

But I finished it in time and we had a great time at the party! I love making cakes, but it’s the best when I get to make cakes for my friends. 🙂


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