Easy Poached Pears

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Quick Poached Pears


My mom used to make this for me as a quick treat when I was younger. I thought it was such a fancy dessert as a kid. Little did I know it was just three ingredients and 45 seconds in the microwave. What can I say, I was easy to please.

After a weekend of eating and eating and eating and eating. Oh, did I mention, we ate this past weekend? I needed a small, easy snack when we got home tonight. In addition to the gigantic Thanksgiving meal, I also hit up all my favorite restaurants back home while we were there. Not to mention the bags full of food we took with us for the car ride (never can have too many snacks! No…can definitely have too many snacks…) and the pounds of food my mother sent with us to take home. I need a break from eating (except I’m kind of hungry right now), or maybe some salads or something.

Anyways…this is a quick and easy snack. It’s also a nice warm bite to have as the temperatures drop and I refuse to turn the heat on (when did I become my mother??). 

Also, we’re moving and my mother just sent us home with 40 lbs of fondant, 8 lbs of powdered sugar, 25 lbs of flour, and 2 lbs of brown sugar. Expect lots of cakes, cookies, baked goods, or pictures of the remnants of baked goods in the upcoming month as I try to get rid of all this stuff so we don’t have to haul it our new house.

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