Space Cake (6/365)

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Space Cake



So…I googled “space cake” and I did not get pictures of cakes with space related themes. I got pictures of cakes that are probably being made in apartments all over Colorado these days. Sometimes I’m so naive.

Anyways, I made this cake for my friend Chris. At the end of the week he’s moving away to go start a new chapter in his life and his coworkers wanted to surprise him with a cake for his going away dinner. When they sent me an email a couple of weeks ago they mentioned the theme they had come up with was, “a slingshot flinging a satellite”, I was confused. I swear the first three or four times I read that, I thought they were joking. Then I realized there was no “haha, just kidding” after that description so that’s what they actually meant. 

This was definitely a challenge. They did mention I was allowed to take a lot of artistic liberties with this one, but sometimes I’m just not that creative. So I made exactly what they asked for. It’s just a 9″ square cake with another hemisphere cake on top. I covered the hemisphere with blue fondant and then did my best guesstimation of what the continents actually look like. The slingshot is fondant with some toothpicks for stability and I managed to find an old cardboard model kit of the spacecraft I worked on and launched a few years ago. A little florists twine and we were defying gravity. 

I didn’t actually get a chance to see Chris’s reaction, but I hope he liked it. I’m going to miss him when he leaves. 


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