Sunday Night Dinner – Pulled Pork Sandwiches (68/365)

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Pulled Pork Sandwich


To say today was a busy day would be an understatement. After realizing last night at 12:45 in the morning that it was daylight savings and I was going to lose an hour, I basically had a meltdown at 2 in the morning. After losing my hour, I finally went to bed far too late and got up far too early.

This morning I briefly stopped by the roller derby bout for the other two teams in DCRG. The Majority Whips played the Cherry Blossom Bombshells and from what I heard it was a crazy bout right down to the end. The Whips won though, which means our league as a three way tie for first place. We’re not sure how that tie gets broken, but hopefully we end up in the championship bout in a few weeks.

Right after the bout I had a dress rehearsal for the Purim Shpiel at my temple. It was a little rough going as it was the first time we ran through the show, both in its entirety and with everyone together. The actors really pulled it together though and by the end I was quite pleased with how it’s progressing.

Finally, Andrew and I headed down to VA for our weekly Sunday night dinner with Jen and Evan. Jen made pulled pork sandwiches. We have all discovered that pulled pork is really best on challah rolls which is a little bit funny. As much as it’s sometimes a pain to head down there (we were both exhausted and kind of falling asleep on the way down), as soon as we go there, our spirits lifted because there’s nothing to like good food and good company to make you feel better. I know I write this every week, but our Sunday night dinners is quickly becoming one of my favorite traditions. 

Now, I’m pooped and ready to head to bed before a bright and early jump on the week tomorrow morning. Phew.

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