Fun Shoe Friday!

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Fun Shoe Friday!

It’s back! Because I actually remembered to do it this week!

– I really want to hug a penguin.

– Although watching these penguins trip over and over again is simultaneously sad and hilarious. Their legs are just so short!

– Apparently there’s no place in the world named “Simmie”. (Except there is in Canada. I guess I’m  just not in his database.) Where can you be found?

– A milkshake does not have ice cream in it. A frappe does.

– Well, this guy’s resume is awesome. 

– Do you guys play Threes? Did you know you can play it on your browser? You’re welcome.

– I just rewatched “Gravity”. I like it, despite some of the inaccuracies.  NASA just posted a whole bunch of real pictures recreating scenes from the movie and quite frankly, it’s awesome.

This is giving me heart palpitations.

– We are weather obsessed this year. Probably because it WON’T STOP SNOWING. Now we can see just how crazy the weather has been.

– Yes, I love “Frozen”. So do these people.

– Andrew loves blueberries. And anything dessert-like that can be considered breakfast is right up my alley.


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