Simmie #425 (90/365)

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As you may know, I play roller derby. Part of our uniform for bouts is to have our numbers written or displayed on our arms so the referees can identify us during gameplay. Up until now I’ve been writing my number on my arm with a sharpie. It’s not the greatest method, but it works. It also usually results in me having half a ‘4’ on my arm for three days because I can’t rub the marker off my arms. The Jackster has expressed some concern over this after she saw a picture of my with the number ‘425’ on my arm and thought I got a tattoo. Apparently writing all over yourself with sharpie is not good for your skin.

So mom, look what I got! I got some shiny new armbands. No more marker for me!

Arm Bands


Also, they have my name on it. This is like the fourth thing in my life that I have owned that has my name on it.

Also, my derby name isn’t just “Simmie”. It’s “Simmie Simmie Coco Puff” which I don’t think would fit around the circumference of my arm.

Also, the circumference of my arm is 14 inches. I mean, look at those guns.


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