Sunday Night Dinner – Asian Turkey Burgers and Vegetable Tempura (96/365)

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Asian Turkey Burgers96/365

After a brief hiatus because of life, Sunday Night Dinner was back on. We hosted at our house and since it was finally nice outside, Andrew grilled for us. I made Asian turkey burgers which basically means they were flavored with soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, and scallions. Turkey burgers are hard though, because the window at which they go from uncooked to overcooked is pretty small. Andrew did a good job though.

As a side, we made vegetable tempura. Tempura looks impressive, but is a cinch to make. Our original thought was to make tempura green beans and serve them sort of like fries on the side of the burgers. We ended up making some broccoli as well because it was in the fridge and determined that broccoli makes the best tempura. It has something to do with the mass of the vegetable in relation to the amount of surface area for frying or something.

Sunday Night Dinners are always a good time. Except now I just have to get rid of that pesky oil smell…



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