Melissa Is Here! (129/365)

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The reunions continue! Melissa is in town for Meri’s graduation (holy heck, how is Meri graduating already? Now I feel old. Meri is nine years old with two braided pigtails and a Charleston Swimming hoodie. There’s no possible way she’s graduating college already.) and she decided to come down a little early to hang out. 

She got here just in time for dinner and as Melissa put it, we made a very balanced meal, which included the potato salad we made for Meri (we are going to force their entire family to eat our potato salad at some point), plus some spaghetti squash Andrew made, bruschetta (which Andrew made), and grilled chicken (surprise, surprise, Andrew made that too!). I have to say it was pretty tasty. Also, I totally made the potato salad. Ok, half of the potato salad. 

A Balanced Dinner


It’s always so fun having Melissa in town. We get to hang and chat and chat and chat and chat. Somehow we never run out of things to chat about. Probably because even the most minute details are interesting to us. Good friends like that are awesome. 


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