Pat and Sarah’s Wedding (145/365)

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Tonight Andrew and I went to Pat and Sarah’s wedding. Pat is a good high school friend of Andrew’s and the two of them are simply delightful. Sarah and I once spent a New Year’s Eve together while our respective significant others made some questionable decisions involving a lot of Bud Light followed up by a not trivial amount of Jaegermeister. Things got ugly.

It was a very fun evening though. Their wedding was at the Army Navy Club and was simply beautiful. The weather was perfect for a wedding and the both of them looked so incredible and happy.



A bunch of Andrew’s high school buddies were also there so it was fun to hang out with them. These little mini-reunions they have always amaze me because it’s also surprising to me how many of his high school friends he has stayed friends with. There’s a crew of at least 8 or 9 of them that manage to hang out together on a reasonably regular basis. It’s neat to see because I think it’s pretty unusual. They’re all terrific guys and have welcomed me into their little cadre (also, I drive them around late at night which I think helps).

Sunset over Virginia


It was a great night and I’m glad tomorrow is a holiday. More fun is in store.

Congratulations Pat and Sarah! 


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