Throwing Shade (149/365)

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Let’s be honest here, I have no idea what “throwing shade” means. I am not hip. I’m going to guess it is not in reference to Roman shades. 

But look! Progress! One shade complete, two to go. I have a deadline of June 1st to get these done and as I’m going to be gone all weekend, I basically have to finish them tomorrow, which basically means I’m not going to hit my deadline. Oh well. At least one is up! Andrew properly hung the bracket after my failed attempt last week and I was able to put the shade up and get everything aligned in about a half hour. But that was in between making a cake so I didn’t get to play around with it too much. 

I’m excited to have this project done. I’m excited to not have to sew on all the stupid rod holders. I’m excited to not have tools all over our living room. And I’m excited to have them up so I can run downstairs without any pants on and our neighbors can’t see into our house at night. 

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