Frenzy (168/365)

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Strawberry Stems


Tonight was a frenzy of activity getting ready to head up to New Jersey for Melissa’s wedding. A traveling cake decorator is not someone who travels light, so between the cake stuff, my stuff, and Andrew’s stuff, the car is full. I’m heading up right after work tomorrow afternoon so I wanted to make sure I had everything. Not sure what my cake supply store situation is in NJ and I’m on a tight schedule.

Caprese Salad

However, in the midst of the packing frenzy I managed to squeeze in some other things. Andrew cooked us a nice dinner, including a scrumptious caprese salad. 

I also had my third go-around on a practice cake for the wedding and while it’s not perfect yet, I think I found a solution to my pleat problem. It worked like a charm tonight so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow and Thursday. 

Also, because I have no restraint I decided I should also bake something. That’s what those strawberry stems are from. I saw the recipe online the other day and it looked so good that I couldn’t help myself. I’ll try to get that up tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ve got everything I need. I have a feeling the next few days are going to whiz by.


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