Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (197/365)

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Seasons 52


Have you ever read that book? Seen the movie? Basically it’s about four friends who find a magical pair of pants that fits all four of them despite the fact they are all different shapes and sizes. 

Well, apparently my wardrobe is magical too. Because today I met up with Jen at the mall so she could go shopping to find a dress for a wedding this weekend. It’s a fancy wedding so she needed a fancy dress. I had a dress that I thought would work for the situation so I brought it with me on the off-chance that it would somehow fit her.

Let me also mention that Jen is tall and slim (at least five inches taller than me) and I am average height and have an athletic build. If you look at the two of us, we should not be able to share clothes.

Well, it fit her. And it looks great. Probably better than it looks on me. My clothes are magic. (Although this also works on the flipside too as I have borrowed Jen’s pants on the occasion of maybe spilling an entire bottle of water on myself.)

What makes this whole situation more hilarious is that I am also able to share clothes with Melissa who is at least three inches shorter than me and quite petite in size. It makes no sense.

After our shopping extravaganza (in which Jen did NOT by a dress, but we were mistaken for a couple and I got a pair of orange pants), we went out to eat. We hit up Seasons 52, and proceeded to get a smorgasbord of salads and flatbreads and vegetables which were all outstanding. Way to mix it up on a Wednesday night.

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