My First Ever Batch of Homemade Brownies (200/365)

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I know. You are shocked. Somehow I have made it 30 years of my life without ever having made a batch of brownies from scratch. I’ve always loved brownie box mixes so I never really felt the need to try something else. 

Elise was aghast when she found this out. And she’s kind of right. Brownies are really easy to make. I feel like the majority of recipes only require bowl and can be whipped together in about fifteen minutes. So after years of telling her I was satisfied with box mixes, I finally caved and made a batch from scratch.

It was easy. One bowl. Twelve minutes later they were in the oven. Holy fudge. These are some rich brownies. They use unsweetened cocoa powder with a healthy amount of butter which makes the fudgy without being too sweet. They are definitely best eaten with a big glass of milk.

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