Apple Pie Biscuits (256/365)

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Apple Pie Biscuits


I went for a long run today. Because of my schedule, I actually had to break it up into two runs and ran 10 miles in the morning and then another six in the evening. Since the temperature has significantly dropped in the past week or so, I felt much better running in 65 degree weather as opposed to 95 degree weather.

During the last few miles of my evening run I started listening to a podcast about caramel corn. Not only did this make me really want to eat some caramel corn, but it just made me hungry in general. By the time I ran up our street to our house I was ready to eat my hand. 

I also started daydreaming about these apple pie biscuits which I had flagged to make earlier in the week. So, after dinner, even though it was nearly 10 PM, I made them.

Apple Pie Biscuits

Apple Pie Biscuits

Now that the weather has finally cooled down, it starting to really feel like fall which means apples are back. While I have a soft spot for apple crisp, these looked like a hand-held mini-pie situation which couldn’t be beat. 

Apple Pie Biscuits

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