Lucy’s Baby Naming (297/365)

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Tonight was Little Baby Lucy’s baby naming. All the Millers are in town to celebrate and it was really a delightful evening. We all gathered at Arthur and Katy’s temple for a Friday evening service which was adorably led by adorably awkward seventh graders.

Lucy was a total champ. She was quiet as a mouse and super chill for the entire service. (I think she was maybe asleep for a good portion of the service.)


The first time we went to meet Little Baby Lucy, 5 or 6 weeks ago, she slept the entire time we were there. She ate two bottles without waking up and despite being passed around, I never once saw her eyes.

But not today! Little Baby Lucy was awake and alert and ready to be the star of the show.


And guess who else is in town?! The Jackster! The Jackster flew in the morning, is here for just a quick trip and is heading back tomorrow. Apparently she’s a jet-setter now. Should we have expected anything less?


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